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Hmmm. A photography blog…… We shall try this out lol.

The environment has meant so much to me growing up. As a kid I lived on farmland, ran through the fields, picked the wildflowers, busted the buckeyes, picked the peaches and gardened the vegetables. I grew up appreciating what most people take for granted everyday. In high school I was the shyest kid you’d ever meet, but I joined FFA and soon busted out of my shell….I lived for Agriculture in those 4 years, I studied plant life and knew it like the back of my hand…I could have been an Ag or Environmental Science teacher but the life of capturing this Earth has inspired me more….yeah most of my posts will contain Humans ;) (because lets face it they pay the bills lol) but know that first and foremost this Earth we have been given is my greatest of inspirations……with that being said HAPPY EARTH DAY!!! Recycle something, plant something, or just observe and respect this great plant, take notice of it today :) and watch Ferngully! Lol

-picture by Caitlin McGrath (me) April 20th 2013 in Millersburg Missouri…beautiful Green Moss on the family farm shot with a Nikon D3100 in Macro

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